New building ‘superfluous’

Existing premises available for community centre.

I really do have to have to make a comment about Councillor Halse’s comments, published in the Midweek Herald last week about the proposed community complex (‘I hope you feel guilt and shame’ - Halse).

He stated that the community ‘was in favour of the plan’.

I seem to remember, going back to basics, that we had a local referendum on the project and the majority of people who voted said they didn’t want a community complex in the first place, let alone all the expense that has been incurred arguing about it since.

I have no issues with the fact that the local council office employees need a better place to work than the existing premises and the idea of adding them on to the relocated offices from Sidmouth seems to be very sensible and much more cost effective than building a complex.

However, I feel that they could have found more suitable offices before; after all this is a small town, not a large city, and they would surely only need minimal space.

I can think of an empty pub that could be investigated for cost or even an empty factory building on the Heathpark Industrial Estate that could be converted.

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As a member, it’s was also a shame that the British Legion had to close.

Nevertheless, I haven’t read any headlines that the loss of perhaps one of the best halls in the area has caused a problem locally with a venue for a meeting, so the building of a new one is superfluous.

Perhaps it’s time for Councillor Halse to eat his own headlines.

Brian Nichols.