New enterprise in Devon to tackle youth unemployment

A NEW enterprise has been launched in Devon to help tackle youth unemployment.

A NEW enterprise has been launched in Devon to help tackle youth unemployment.

As unemployment among young people reaches one million, the Devon Enterprise and Learning Partnership (DELP) aims to ensure all five to 19-year-olds are taught the necessary skills to enter the workforce.

The nationwide initiative is made up of primary, secondary and special needs schools, as well as a number of further education providers across the country.

The DELP board is chaired by Steve Maddern, executive headteacher at West Exe Technology College in Exeter.

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He said: "Enterprise skills are crucial for our children's futures and also for the UK economy as a whole. Some may feel that it is not necessary to start teaching these skills to children as young as five, on the contrary, it is crucial.

"The lessons learnt at this young age form the basis for how they will learn in the future.

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"We need to work with all schools and pupils to encourage fun teachings of communication, team building and problem solving."

DELP has produced a DVD, along with a number of information leaflets and posters. They will be available across all schools in the county and will be put on the website

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