Axminster couple shed more than 10 stones

Toria and Adam Bates after shedding the pounds. Picture: WW

Toria and Adam Bates after shedding the pounds. Picture: WW - Credit: Archant

An Axminster mother-of-two who shed an incredible 85 pounds so inspired her husband he decided to trim down as well.

Toria and Adam Bates before their weight loss - and after. Picture: WW

Toria and Adam Bates before their weight loss - and after. Picture: WW - Credit: Archant

Now between them Toria and Adam Bates have lost more than 10 stone - giving them the confidence to start new careers.

Before joining WW (formerly Weight Watchers) in 2014, Toria, 35, weighed more than 17 stone.

Although she managed to trim down for her wedding without any form of assistance, following the birth of her two daughters and a busy life, the weight crept back on and the bad habits returned.

"I realised that I needed structure and guidance, something that is missing when you go it alone," she said.

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"Since joining WW, I look at food in a completely different way.

"I used to grab a pizza or a bag of sweets and they'd disappear really quickly.

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"The WW points system has really shone a light on what's healthy and what's not."

Toria previously worked as a florist in Chard and was training apprentices around the South West.

But her contract came to end.

She said: "I realised that the skills I used with my apprentices - empathy, persuasion, listening and coaching - were exactly the skills I need to be a WW coach, so I applied for the job and I got it.

"I now run nine workshops a week and I absolutely love it.

"As a florist I used to make people smile with flowers, now I make them smile by getting them healthy and watching them change their lives."

Meanwhile husband Adam, who shed more than four stone on his weight loss plan, also has a new job, switching for an IT role to become a teacher.

"I'd never have had the confidence to do this before," he said.

Now Toria is bringing the WW programme to Axminster and has opened a new workshop at 9.30am on Thursday mornings at the Guildhall.

She added: "I have learned so much about the connection between healthy eating, your mindset and moving more, that I wanted to share that feeling of elation with everyone.

"Thursday is the perfect day as the market is on so I can imagine my members coming for their wellness check-in and then going into the market to fill their bags with delicious locally-sourced food."

You can get more information by contacting Toria on 07701 346439 or by visiting

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