New look Angels rock London

Sweet Black Angels take to stage the stage with their new line up.

The new look Sweet Black Angels rocked the house and brought the spirit of Honiton to the London stage once again after bringing the band back from the ashes.

The folk-rock group, including guitarist Adam Sweet, drummer Ollie Kirtley and bassist Ryan Marks alongside original members Scott Phillips and Andrew ‘Smoo’ Wall, burst back into the limelight when they supported Alabama 3 at the Brixton Jamm in London earlier this month.

Lead singer Scott said: “The gig went really well. The set went smoothly and we had a special guest female singer up to sing backing vocals with us on ‘She Makes Me’, which was definitely the highlight of the evening.

“The new line up gave the band a new and fresh approach to the songs and went down very well with the crowd.”

During the event Scott was also able to meet former Oasis manager, Alan Mcgee, who passed on some words of wisdom about making it in the business.

He added: “It was great to play back in the full band again and hear the songs being played with a nice full sound. To have a guest female singer also gave it a new dimension and made us stand out a lot from the other bands.”

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Scott, who has been pursuing a solo career since the band split, admitted that he has missed some aspects of performing in a group but says it was nice to play in a big venue with the full line up again.

Hopes are high for the band who hope to support The Pogues again at Christmas. They are also planning gigs in Southampton, London and Honiton.

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