New Rape Crisis Centre for Devon

New funding announced by the Ministry of Justice to develop a rape support centre in Exeter.

VICTIMS of rape and sexual abuse will now be able to receive specialist help after funding was given for a new support centre in Devon.

The funding from the Ministry of Justice will allow for a Rape Crisis Centre to be set up in Exeter, which will serve the needs of the wider area.

Justice Minister Crispin Blunt said: “Rape and sexual violence are devastating crimes which ruin lives.

“By providing long-term funding for a new rape support centre in Devon the government is demonstrating its commitment to ensure that every victim receives the specialist support they need to rebuild their lives.”

Last month the government announced �10.5 million funding over three years to help Rape Crisis Centres.

The announcement also comes on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and is part of the Government’s commitment to increase the number of support centres in England and Wales.

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Rape Crisis England and Wales has welcomed the announcement to fund the development and establishment of the centres.

A spokesperson for Rape Crisis said: “It is vital that women and girls who experience sexual violence are able to access services when and where they need them.

“For many women in Devon that support just hasn’t been available or at best, they’ve had to travel to the next county in order to get the help they need.”

New rape support centres will also be developed in other areas including Dorset.