New Repair Cafe to open in Honiton next month

Miriam Thomas, who is setting up Honiton's new Repair Cafe with her team

Miriam Thomas, who is setting up Honiton's new Repair Cafe with her team - Credit: Miriam Thomas

Honiton is to have its own Repair Café, opening at the Community Use Building on Saturday, June 18. 

It is being set up by Miriam Thomas – and she is appealing for volunteer ‘fixers’ and other helpers. 

The Repair Café will take place on the third Saturday of every month except December, enabling people to save money and reduce waste by bringing broken or damaged items back into use, rather than buying new ones. 

They will be charged only the cost of spare parts, plus a donation to help cover the basic costs of running the service. 

Miriam said: “What is great about the Repair Cafe philosophy is it coincides with my own ethos of sustainability; by repairing items rather than using raw materials and energy we are cutting down our CO2 emissions.” 

She told the Herald the project developed from her love of wildlife and concern about climate change. She had started a local wildlife survey group and was also volunteering with Unite Carers in Tiverton, where one of the staff was involved in setting up a Repair Café in the town. 

She said: “I found myself helping with this very new and worthwhile project. Although it was not quite the avenue I intended going down, at least it would be a start to tackle some things I set out to achieve.  

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“Very soon I was joined by Sheena King - not only enthusiastic but very practical, and lots of experience of running groups. She paid for and signed us up to the Repair Cafe Foundation whose rules and advice we will follow. We have both visited other neighbouring Repair Cafes to learn as much as we can on how to run a successful cafe.” 

While there are enough repairers on board to get the café started, Miriam would like to hear from more ‘fixers’. Anyone with skills in mending electronics, bicycles, fabrics, jewellery, IT devices, furniture, toys and books is invited to come forward, along with those who can help with tool sharpening and woodwork.  

Miriam said: “We do not expect anyone to commit to every month, that is why it is so important to have plenty of volunteers to come forward.” 

Miriam can be contacted by emailing