A new Rotary year for the Rotary Club of Lyme Regis

Mr and Mrs Green Man Lyme Regis Rotary Club

Mr and Mrs Green Man Lyme Regis Rotary Club - Credit: Lyme Regis Rotary Club

Lyme Regis Rotary Club recently held a ' Handover' meeting via Zoom, where the outgoing President of the club Richard Main passed the ribbon of office to the new President Chis Buckingham for 2021/2022. 
Richard was congratulated on his successful year in office. Despite the difficulties of 'lockdowns' and the many restrictions on the activities of the club, the club managed to continue meetings online. 
Although the Club had to cancel many of their major events, they were still able to contribute to many local and national causes, as well as responding to provide computers for local school children and internationally to the emergencies in Nepal and Beirut.  
The main event was a very successful online auction, which raised much needed funds for local and regional charities. 
This new Rotary year, they hope to be able to continue with the major events undertaken in past years; Carols around the Christmas Tree, The Lyme Lunge, Golf Day, major events in the town's calendar, as well as raising significant amounts of money for good causes. 
New President Chris has additionally put forward a programme to further support links with the Primary and Secondary schools in the locality, grow the membership of our club, support for our elderly residents and Rotary Internationals Global environment initiative. 
Links have already been made with the local action group 'Turn Lyme Green' and the initiative of ‘End Plastic Soup' saw them attend Uplyme Horticultural Fair to demonstrate a 'Nurdle Machine' kindly lent by the Town Council.  
The machine attracted much interest, as, by sifting sand, it was able to demonstrate how much plastic there is in a small sample of our local beach, much of which was small enough to be ingested by marine life and as a consequence enter the human food chain.  
Visiting the stand were two very appropriate visitors 'Mr and Mrs Green Man' and if you want to help your local community and be involved in a great club for charity, join the largest 'SERVICE' organisation in the world. 
Visit www.lymeregisrotary.org  or contact secretary@lymeregisrotary.org    

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