New superstore - old thinking

PUBLISHED: 15:06 28 October 2008 | UPDATED: 22:33 15 June 2010

I would like to question the need for another supermarket in Seaton.

I would like to question the need for another supermarket in Seaton. Why is it deemed necessary for a large store to kick start the regeneration of Seaton?Seaton can attract visitors by its very location, not by the supermarket choice. What is needed is high quality holiday accommodation, a factor which is not included in any supermarket plan.The government has launched a commitment to an 80 per cent cut in carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve this a big lifestyle change will be needed, more than just changing a few light bulbs and turning down the heating thermostat. The proposal to build a big supermarket in Seaton reflects old-style thinking and is not a step forward. When one considers the transport costs of the average supermarket food trolley contents and the way these costs will rise, one can realise that there must be a change. A view I heard expressed at the Sainsbury plan exhibition was that "Sainsbury's would attract high class shops and boutiques to Seaton". This may be right, but should the future of Seaton be planned around material greed and consumerism, when it is becoming clear that this is not the right way forwardThere will always be a demand for food and, with imagination, a food market could be constructed, providing locally-sourced food from many different suppliers. This would give Seaton an individuality that would in turn attract visitors and shoppers. The increased demand would attract more suppliers and the resulting competition would keep prices down. Although it must be realised that the age of cheap food is over and prices must rise, even at supermarkets. On a recent BBC radio food programme, this change was discussed, and it was clear that the major supermarkets are concerned. Tescos may have very efficient logistics, but the costs are rising sharply and will continue to do so. The management is aware that in the long-term the supermarket may be history.We stand at the brink of a new age, and Seaton has the chance to step ahead and lead the way. Or it can choose to remain in the last century.Jolly SargentMusbury

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