New Youth Parliament member elected in East Devon

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Devon's new Members of Youth Parliament and their deputies. - Credit: UK Youth Parliament Devon

Young people in Devon have elected their new UK Youth Parliament representatives.

Meet Emiko, the new Youth Parliament representative for East Devon. Deputy MYPs for East Devon are George and Ned.

Speaking after their first meeting at the start of April, Emiko, the new member for Mid & East Devon said: “It was great to meet the rest of the team. Everyone here is passionate about making real change in Devon.

“I’m a firm believer that national action begins at the local level. And if we can make a difference here, that can lead to a much wider impact across the southwest and beyond.”

Members of the Youth Parliament (MYPs), aged 11 to 18, are elected every two years by other young people in their local areas across the UK.

Devon has four MYPs – one for each region of the county – with two deputies in each area. They often meet with politicians, organise events, hold debates and ensure the views of young people are heard.

Following the election in February and March, in which almost 4,000 of Devon’s young people cast votes, eight new MYPs and deputies were chosen to represent their peers:

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They are:

  • Exeter – Hanna
  • South Hams & Teignbridge – Joe
  • Mid & East – Emiko
  • North, West & Torridge – William

And the deputy MYPs are:

  • Exeter – Adam and Otto
  • South Hams & Teignbridge – Eva and Megan
  • Mid & East – George and Ned
  • North, West & Torridge – Nate and Tymek

They met to discuss their priority issues, which are partly based on the results of the associated Make Your Mark ballot – the UK’s biggest consultation for 11 to 18s – that took place alongside the elections.

It found that Devon’s youngsters rank the environment as their top priority, followed by health and wellbeing, and thirdly jobs, money and homes.

Working alongside members of the newly formed Devon Youth Council, the Youth Parliament team will create a countywide manifesto that will outline key messages from young people across Devon. It will be published next month.