NHS: Contingency plans in place for doctors’ strike

Action taken to minimise impact on patients in East Devon.

THE NHS Trust that manages community hospitals across East Devon has made contingency plans to minimise the impact on patients of a planned national strike by doctors next week.

The Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust also manages community health and social care services in East, Mid and North Devon, as well as other community hospitals across the area.

British Medical Association members have voted in favour of industrial action on Thursday, June 21.

Doctors will continue to see patients who need emergency and urgent care.

Some non-urgent appointments could be postponed during the 24 hours of action, in which case patients will be notified in advance.

If a patient is not notified, they are asked to attend their appointment as planned.

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Kate Lyons, the Trust’s director of operations, said: “We have robust contingency plans in place and have been working with local BMA representatives to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum for our patients.

“Emergency care will not be affected and the industrial action will have no impact on North Devon District Hospital’s ability to function as a trauma unit for the area.”

The Midweek Herald has been asked to point out that Townsend House Surgery in Seaton “will be open as normal and will not be taking any industrial action”.