NHS questions that must be answered

NHS services will be ‘fed to the market’, says Honiton resident.

It should not surprise anyone that Neil Parish MP is supporting so called NHS ‘reforms’.

He backed the unpopular sell off of the Forestry Commission and look how that turned out!

He mentions support from the RCGP and a small number of local authorities. He knows the Government has no mandate for these plans. They are unpopular with the public, patient and staff groups, and much of the medical profession, including the BMA.

Top down reform of the NHS was not in the Tory or Lib Dem manifesto. In fact, David Cameron promised he would not do it, claiming he supported the NHS. Following cuts in real budgets, many professionals say NHS services are already suffering.

It is an absurd sound bite for Mr Parish to talk of more ‘competition on quality and less on price’ when he knows NHS services will be fed to the market.

The whole integrity of the NHS could face a serious threat from large private US-style companies, as has already happened in the care home sector.

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As for Mr Parish’s boast of giving people ‘a greater say’, I notice he omits the most important people - the patients.

Not one of the 140,000 patients covered by the consortia in East Devon is represented. How many people has he or Health Minister Andrew Lansley consulted in Honiton or in East Devon about these plans?

It is many weeks since the Senior Council for Honiton asked Mr Parish for an opportunity to put pertinent questions. They are still waiting. I would be happy to ask the Senior Council to arrange a public forum for him and Andrew Lansley, BMA representatives, NHS staff and patients to address these vital questions.

The public need fewer sound bites and more answers.

Tony Simpson

Ashleigh Road