Slowing Down - East Devon property with Nigel Bishop, of Recoco

Seaton Beach Apartments.

Seaton Beach Apartments. - Credit: Archant

Nigel Bishop takes a look at homes aimed at the over-55s.

Powers House, Northleigh

Powers House, Northleigh - Credit: Archant

A mild climate, sea air, unspoilt countryside and market towns bustling with independent retailers and artisan workshops.

The perfect antidote to a life run at a pace in the fast lane - growing families and creating a lifestyle fitting the modern technology based world.

So, the time has come to enjoy the fruits of those labours and have the time to embrace the surroundings.

Societies of all natures abound creating a social life for newcomers with few contacts. This, I feel, sums up East Devon well.

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Retirement is a dated word. The days of pipes and slippers by the fire are long gone (thankfully).

Life has a whole new phase to be embraced when work can be sidelined.

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Income does of course dictate the level of travel and activities for individuals but regardless of income, the region offers amazing opportunities and social gatherings.

They are there for the taking and simply need the motivation to embrace what is on offer.

Historically, Devon has been a favoured place for people to enjoy their latter years and indeed remains so.

Today, communications, digital and physical, bring the world to our shores so isolation is no longer a threat.

‘Villages’ with every amenity are built for people, generally with a planning restrictive age of 55.

These are built with a socially active focus yet retaining ownership of your own home.

Millbrook Village, in Exeter, is a successful option and Blue Cedar Homes build exclusive homes for this market.

Maybe it is just a downsizing exercise from the family home to a low maintenance, eco-friendly property that works. All the coastal towns have a number of such opportunities.

Fortnam Smith and Banwell, in Seaton (01297 23939), are selling the Seaton Beach Apartments -the brochure says “I’ve found a home good for my soul, the planet and my pocket”.

The feel-good factor and right on the sea front - so a gentle view to soothe the mind. They are a qualified Passivhaus design with true eco-credentials.

For the more adventurous but still demanding state of the art living, Powers House, Northleigh, sits in over three acres.

A Grand Designs 21st century house. A finalist in the LABC Building Excellence Awards with adaptable accommodation potentially creating a self-contained annexe for income generation.

It may not be a massive down-size but is surely a minimal maintenance home. (Savills (01392 455755)

Home is a reflection of your personality – a vital part of your life - ‘it’s all about coming home’.

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