Skydivers to jump for cancer charity that provides 'invaluable' support

Helen Patrickson with her father

Helen Patrickson with her father - Credit: Helen Patrickson

Nine people will be jumping out of a plane to raise money for Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support (ALCS) on Saturday, May 14. 

They will all complete a tandem jump from a height of 15,000 feet at Dunkeswell Airfield. 

ALCS was founded in 2018 by Mary Kahn to help cancer patients and their families. It offers advice and support, drop-in sessions and the use of a beach hut in Lyme Regis. 

Among those taking part in the skydive is Helen Patrickson from Chard. She said: “I found out about the charity in 2020 when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I was able to book the beach hut for the whole family to spend time together and for dad to be able to sleep when he needed and watch the grandchildren play.  

“Sadly my dad didn’t make it and when I contacted Mary Kahn to cancel the booking she encouraged us to use the hut to reflect and spend time together in memory of dad.  

“Since my dad died the charity have remained in touch and have been a huge support. I suggested to Mary that she register with Skydive Buzz and offered to jump for them and later received an email to tell me she had, so I couldn’t back out! 

“A former colleague of mine, Katie, is also jumping with me in memory of close family members who have also suffered with cancer.” 

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Nick Hodges, a GP in Axminster, will be jumping with his wife Alice, an anaesthetic doctor, Nick’s brother Sandy Hodges and Sandy’s partner Jess Waite. Sandy and Jess are both dentists in Sidmouth. 

Jess Waite, Nick Hodges, Sandy Hodges, Alice Hodges

Left to right, Jess Waite, Nick Hodges, Sandy Hodges, Alice Hodges. Nick said this photo is 'further proof of their silliness' - Credit: Nick Hodges

Nick said: “Falling out of a plane is a silly thing to do, but we are very silly people so it seems appropriate. 

“I am honoured to be a trustee for ALCS. Despite being a very young charity ALCS is already established as an invaluable resource for local residents suffering from the impact of cancer.  

“The NHS is rightly the pride of our country but, due in part to the way it has been treated over the last 12 years, has had to prioritise treatment over care. Mary, her wonderful team and all the amazing people that have donated to ALCS are helping to fill the gap.” 

To find out more and donate to the skydivers, visit the ALCS website