No parking meters for Honiton

At least in the next two years.

HONITON Town Council has received reassurances from Devon County Council that it does not intend to introduce pay and display parking meters.

The town Council met last week to discuss Honiton’s traffic management plan following a meeting with county council officers last month.

Officers attended a meeting of the town council’s town management advisory committee to discuss whether to proceed with devising a traffic management plan.

Councillor David Foster, said: “It is a great opportunity for us as a council to feed into the future plans for Honiton.

“Devon County Council has expressed to us quite clearly that putting in parking meters is not its intention for traffic management and take a holistic approach to moving traffic through the town.”

This was echoed by Councillor Vernon Whitlock, who said: “Devon County Council has reassured us that there is no intention in the next two years to introduce car parking meters.”

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Previous proposals to introduce park and display meters on High Street were dropped by the county council.

Honiton Town Council resolved to develop a traffic management plan be developed for the town and that councillors appointed to the Town Management Advisory Committee form a working group to prepare a draft plan and report back to the council.