No PMQs then train death shock

AN Axminster woman's scheduled day out to witness the heart of political debate did not go according to plan last week.

AN Axminster woman's scheduled day out to witness the heart of political debate did not go according to plan last week.Not only did Lin Coley, of King Edward Road, not get to see Prime Minister's Question Time, which was cancelled as a mark of respect, following the death of David Cameron's son Ivan, but her journey home was delayed by four hours after a person was hit by the train she was travelling on, near Crewkerne.Mrs Coley, who is studying for an Open University degree, had been invited to go along on a trip to the Houses of Parliament, which included a tour of the Palace of Westminster, a talk from parliamentary expert Lord Norton, and the chance to see Prime Minister's Question Time.However, with the death of the leader of the opposition's disabled son, the weekly debate between the leaders was cancelled for the first time in many years.Mrs Coley said she was disappointed but quite understood the reasons behind the cancellation.On her journey home, as the train approached Crewkerne, she said there was a thumping noise.She said: "I heard a noise and the train seemed to judder. My first thought was that it was derailing. We didn't stop very fast but we were told soon after that there was a fatality. We were told we would have to wait for the emergency services to arrive."As far as I could see, we were in the middle of nowhere but we could see the blue lights on a nearby road and there were people walking alongside the train, but it was dark so we couldn't see much."She said passengers were offered free drinks while they waited for the police to release the train but they had to move to different seats after problems developed with the carriage, including losing the internal lights.Mrs Coley said: "It ended up being a very long day, and certainly not what I had planned. It was a huge shock that someone died under the train.

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