No police action

After the weekend break-ins, I feel I have to write with my disgust at the policing in Axminster.

On Friday night, there was a break-in on the Millwey Industrial Estate, so when I heard the alarms going off on Saturday night on the industrial estate again, I phoned the police to report this alarm going off. Only to be phoned back 25 minutes later, asking me if the alarm was still going, as there was no-one available to attend. I know this was 3am but, surely this is a 24hr service not 9am to 5pm. I can’t remember reading on my council tax bill it was a part-time service. Perhaps we should only give a part-payment on our council tax for policing. The garage that got broken into, as of Monday afternoon, was still waiting for the police to turn up.

G Huntley


48 St Andrews Drive

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