No solution for Honiton

Recent history of the A30 road from Iron Bridge to Honiton.

Recent history of the A30 road from Iron Bridge to Honiton.

For many years, especially holiday traffic using the A30 from the London area, all passed through the small village of Monkton and Honiton High Street; traffic congestion would build up as far back as Ilminster.

Possibly 1950s, Devon Highways made alterations to the road from Honiton to Iron Bridge. Mr Arthur Rowe, the blacksmith at Gittisham Cross, had to demolish his premises and rebuild about 30 metres towards the railway line. Then, in the 1960s, the Ministry designed and built the present road which by-passes Honiton and the present road to Exeter. Guess what? Again Mr Rowe had to demolish his newly-built premises and rebuild further back as now in existence. Can you imagine having to negotiate with two different authorities for a fair compensation? He was a big, powerful person. Sadly, he passed away completely exhausted.

Mid 1960 a consulting engineering company produced drawings and displayed these in the Mackarness Hall, Honiton, showing the continuation of the dual carriageway by-passing Monkton through Rawridge Woods to the junction of Yarcombe.

I spent considerable time with the consultants and was told it had no chance to be implemented.

1 The construction cost - five million pounds - period five years.

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2 The government would set aside �5 million for a period of five years only.

3 All objections to this project from various organisations to be negotiated and approved during this period.

4 It would take more than five years for the government to approve this scheme, so it was not considered.

The consulting company produced another scheme, for a bridge to be constructed on the A35 at the dangerous bend. I think it is called Devil's Corner, near the Offwell tower, crossing over the rail line with a large roundabout near the "Little Chef" on the Monkton road. This would reduce a lot of traffic using Kings Road, which is the main discussion we all hear of. Cost of the project was �2 million - two year contract. Should the scheme be considered? Honiton Town Council should find out if any housing development is to be built in the fields north east of Kings Road.

For years rumours circulated that 300 properties were to be built. If so, access to this bridge would be necessary.

The solution put forward by Honiton Town Council will double the traffic flow through Monkton village. The residents already have to cross traffic lanes to enter their premises. This is not a solution.

Maurice Gray

Orchard Way,