Not a good year at all

Resident raises concerns about Thelma Hulbert Gallery.

Who are they kidding?

I have just had my copy of East Devon Connect delivered. Page 6 is headed “Thelma Hulbert Gallery - reflecting on a good year”.

This letter is not about the art depicted in the gallery and the hard work which has been done there, which I am sure is exceptional. However, the headline offended me.

On November 2, East Devon District Council’s cabinet meeting discussed concerns over the gallery and the fact that the shortfall on income levels “would be �80,000 at year end”. They also resolved that a review of the business plan for the gallery be undertaken and cited “market conditions in Honiton and the reduction in grants and funds available from government bodies, charities and trusts”.

Two things worry me a lot. Firstly, I believe the headline to be misleading by EDDC - it wasn’t a good year at all for the Thelma Hulbert Gallery if, as they say, the financial loss is huge.

Secondly, as EDDC say the market conditions for grants and funds is so poor in Honiton, will not this equally affect any fund-raising attempts (which currently stand at nil, remember) for the community complex which we are informed is already running �140,000 over budget on groundworks?

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Jill McNally