Now is not the time

Has there been any discussion about Seaton town Council s plan for new offices either in public or in committee?

Has there been any discussion about Seaton town Council's plan for new offices either in public or in committee?

If so I missed it. If not, why not?

Where will the town council obtain the money to buy this derelict building, ie Willoughby House (on the market for �200K)?

Will council tax payers, have to pick up the bill for the re-build?

Perhaps the town council is already indulging in an enjoyable spending spree in anticipation of money from the Sainsbury or Tesco development? As we know to our cost, councils and Government do not hold back when it comes to providing themselves with comfortable, not to say lavish, surroundings. Why should they? It is not their money they're spending! The town clerk claims new offices will enable the council to "open its meeting to every sector of the community". Fine. But where would the public park? Has any application (which again I may have missed) been made for "change of use"? Willoughby House is in a residential, not office/retail area - so has East Deveon waived this requirement which usually applies to the rest of the world?

Would any saving be substantial? An extension of office opening hours would be yet another cost.

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To sum up, I have no objection to the council wanting bigger, better premises. I have no real objection to a spot of empire building, but now is not the time.

The council should, instead, reduce the rates or, better still, use the money for the youth of the Seaton and not spend it on themselves.

When and where are Seaton council taxpayers going to be told of the costs and savings involved and given the opportunity to air their opinions?

Robin Pocock

By email