Now or never for community centre?

Residents have their say.

HONITON residents are torn over controversial proposals for a community centre complex.

While some feel now is not the right time to be spending public money, others say the time couldn’t be more right.

When The Midweek Herald asked shoppers for their views last week, some said the town is in a ‘now or never’ situation.

However, it is such a controversial subject that many people were unwilling to give their names - even though they had plenty to say on the subject.

Deborah Broom, 46, said: “I think they need something for the town, especially before the summer as the kids don’t have much to do. I think any time would be a good time.”

Nicola Shilson, 33, said: “It is not something I have really thought about, to be honest.

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“I suppose there are other things the money could be better used on, but the community needs something. It is a tricky issue.”

Anne Newman, 69, said: “I’m not too sure whether now is the right time.

“I don’t think it is the right time now, but definitely in the future.”

Tony Cass, 72, said: “I think it is the right time. The longer it is delayed, the less likely anything is going to happen.

“We’ve got to think about the future. I am certainly behind it, as it would definitely have a benefit.”

Peter Hayward, 68, said: “It is definitely the right time. There’s never been a right time.

“It’s now or never.

“I think young people need a place to go to.

“Providing the facilities they have discussed will give Honiton more community spirit and more types of entertainment.

“A town of this size deserves the space.

“The development would also bring employment to the area.”