Olympic torch brightens children’s play

Olympic torch comes to Farway.

Children at Farway were getting into the Olympic spirit and enjoyed an enlightening visit.

Farway Under Fives Pre-School and Farway Primary School were all smiles when Chloe Lock, a tae kwon do instructor from Honiton, brought along her Olympic torch.

Chloe was chosen to carry the torch through Taunton.

The pre-school children crafted their own torches, which they were keen to show Chloe, along with Mandeville, the pre-school’s Olympic mascot.

Photographs of the event were shown to the school children, however the excitement flared when each child was allowed to hold the torch.

The visit was part of the children’s work on the Olympics, looking at the different sports involved, including the origins of the games, the global community that participates and why the games are so special this year.