Order books full as Honiton firm reaches milestone

Staff, past and present, celebrate success of Switchgear Services.

Switchgear Services Ltd held a celebratory barbecue at its premises on Heathpark Industrial Estate.

Terry Kenny, the managing director, said: “It is obviously a milestone, especially when we are in a recession. We have survived three recessions and hope there will not be any more.”

The company, which builds electrical control panels, was established in 1985 by former Ottermill Switchgear employees and now has 19 members of staff.

John Camp, a wireman fitter, who has worked for the company for 10 years, said: “It’s very good for a firm to reach the 25 years and still be going stronger and stronger. All the books are full up even though the economic climate is not very good.”

To mark the anniversary, staff were given the afternoon off to enjoy the barbecue.

They were treated to a feast of locally-produced food, including kebabs, burgers and pork steaks, which were supplied by Yellingham farm.

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Mr Kenny said: “It’s marvellous to see people that used to work for us come back to join us on this very special day.

“We are a big family and everyone is important.”