Paramedic car window smashed, Axminster

POLICE have blasted offenders who smashed the window of a paramedic vehicle parked at Axminster Hospital – saying it could have cost lives.

The back window of the fast response car was damaged in what appears to be an attempted break-in overnight on Tuesday, July 13.

Pc Kevin Bennett said it was a “despicable act of mindless vandalism”, which resulted in the vehicle being rendered unavailable.

He said: “The persons responsible should be ashamed of themselves – their stupidity could have cost lives.”

James Searle, operational locality manager for the ambulance service, said he was shocked somebody would tamper with an emergency vehicle.

He said: “I wonder what their motives were and what they hoped to achieve. Emergency vehicles are usually out of bounds.

“We don’t keep controlled drugs in the cars overnight and there was nothing of value to anyone else.

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“It caused us the inconvenience of changing vehicles, the cost of repairs and could have impacted on patient care.”

He added that shattered glass could risk getting medical equipment, such as defibrillators, wet – and damaging them.

He said: “We wouldn’t let the people of Axminster suffer because of this, but it is an inconvenience.”

Police are investigating the crime and CCTV footage has been taken from the scene. Anyone with information can call police on 08452 777 444.