Parking charges a turn off for day trippers

Fears traders will suffer.

Oh, how I agree with Derek Rackett and Patrick Stow - our councils both local and county - are not looking after the interests of the towns and their inhabitants.

Dropping a friend off at his home in Seaton last month, I drove along the seafront - not one vehicle was parked at a meter. Even in winter, there would have been a dozen or so parked along the seafront on a dull, wet day previously.

My wife and I used to pop into Beer for a stroll, look round the town and lunch, then the council started to charge for parking in the winter, so we no longer go; only a small loss of trade, but one that, if it is multiplied many times over, adds up.

Why bother to vote when those you vote for ignore the best interests of the voters?

R K Webb

Membury Road

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