Parking meters likened to ‘ethnic cleansing’

The gospel according to Derek Rackett

I recently attended a meeting of Honiton Town Council. Councillors from Devon County Council were present to provide information on reasons why Honiton is being considered another viable town to accommodate parking meters in the High Street.

When closely questioned, they made it apparent there was a lack of knowledge and empathy about how small towns operate. Presumably, Devon County Council supports large, out-of-town shopping complexes which provide free parking. I wonder why? Destroying small towns is equivalent to ethnic cleansing.

This apparent lack of consultation smacks of a frightening lack of care for communities. We want money! Who cares where we get it?

It is Christmas. However, in Devon, the seasonal message appears to be: “Herod has spoken”. He is said by St Matthew to have ordered the killing of all children under the age of two in Bethlehem in order to destroy the infant Jesus. Maybe, in 2011, we won’t have any inns in Honiton where travellers could rest!

Derek Rackett

Tweed Close

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