Party animals trash family home in Seaton

A FAMILY home in Seaton was trashed and goods stolen after youths held a party there.

A FAMILY home in Seaton was trashed and goods stolen after youths held a party there.Amy Burt and her partner, who does not wish to be named, of Mead Way, came back from a night out to discover around �2,000 worth of goods were stolen or broken.Ms Burt's teenage daughter, Tash, 14, had invited a few friends around - but 40 turned up and some went on the rampage, taking a hammer to furniture, smashing solar lights and urinating in a laundry basket.Goods stolen included a Wii console, CDs and, worryingly for Ms Burt, six large, sharp filleting knives.Ms Burt, a nurse, who works in Colyton, said: "We didn't know anything until we got back - and it was a disaster area. "I was just so angry, I felt so violated."These children don't care. They just come in and trash the place, then they're onto the next one. They're just out for a good time and that's it."Her partner added: "They come in like locusts, destroying everything, then leave. They took things as 'trophies', not because they are valuable." He added there had been a 'veil of silence' around the incident.No neighbours or parents collecting their children thought to call the police.Ms Burt believes some people were oblivious to the party, but others were afraid to interfere.She said: "People are scared of reprisals, especially with teenagers, if they don't know who they are, and fear they'll come back. People want to look the other way."Ms Burt said the police response time was good, but she feels the issue of stolen knives has not been taken seriously. Tash has been grounded and has since apologised. Her mum is disappointed in both her and her friends.She said: "I'm so disappointed in them. They've slept over, been fed and treated like one of the family - yet have let this happen."She added some had acted responsibly, hiding valuables, and that most involved were unknown to the family.Ms Burt said: "You know who your friends are. If they are going to steal your property, they are not true friends."A police spokesman said the case was still open and being investigated. He called on anybody with information to contact PC Matt Sinker on 08452 777 444, quoting crime reference KN09371.