Party time for superheroes at Seaton

Batman and Ben Ten were amongst the guests at Seaton Primary School

A caped-crusader, Ben 10 and several Spidermen were amongst the guests when Seaton Primary School hosted a party for superheroes.

This year’s alternative Halloween event was again organised by the leaders of the ‘King’s Club’ - an after school group that meets there every Friday.

There were messy games, party food, and music and Baptist Pastor Rev Simon d’Albertanson carved a lantern from a huge home-grown pumpkin to illustrate how Jesus wants to shine his light into everyone’s lives.

“It was brilliant fun and offered children a safe and exciting alternative activity on October 31,” he said later

‘We’re hugely grateful to the churches of Seaton for the volunteer helpers and donations of party food and to the primary school, where Seaton Baptist Church meets each Sunday morning.