Pensioners face rising fuel costs

Concerns about how pensioners will cope financially.

Well done to Katy Griffin for excellent advice contained in her article on pensioners facing winter.

Katy notes that average fuel bills are a staggering �1,239!

We should add, fuel bills are expected to rise steeply- leaving even more pensioners, one in five of whom live below the official poverty level, at risk of fuel poverty.

Even a one per cent rise puts a further 40,000 in fuel poverty. Last year, there was a dramatic rise in the winter death rate, from 25,300 to 36,700.

Despite denials of cuts in pensioners’ fuel allowances, no promises have been given for next year. We understand funding for the Warm Front campaign will be cut by �10m over the next two years.

The bankers caused the present financial crisis and pensioners and working people should not have to reward them for their actions.

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Tony Simpson

Ashleigh Road