Petrol price hell

PETROL station workers were on the frontline, facing motorists, as fuel prices reached a record high last week.

PETROL station workers were on the frontline, facing motorists, as fuel prices reached a record high last week.

The petrol station in Rousdon was charging �1.24.9 for diesel and unleaded.

And diesel at Tower Service Station in Seaton hit �1.22.9, with unleaded at �1.21.

Tower Services owner Richard Gibbons said he was only given short notice about the price change and has no control over it.

He said: "I got an email from Esso the night before to say there would be a price change.

"We are on the frontline and get hassle from customers - but there's nothing we can do about it.

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"We can't do without cars in the South West and it's not very nice. I think it will just go on until something bursts."

Barbara Dorwood, assistant at the petrol station in Rousdon, said customers had not complained about the price rise.

She said: "We are the only garage in the area and, though the prices are high, we've just got used to it. We have been warned by the media, and as long as the garage has to pay more, price rises will continue."

But she added that the garage made very little profit from petrol prices.

A family with a typical 50-litre car now has to pay �60 to fill up. In May last year, when a litre cost less than �1, it would have cost just �50.

And the price rise is hitting taxi businesses across the area.

Gavin Vincent, owner of A to B Taxis in Axminster, said: "When you do the maths, we're not losing out on pennies.

"I would imagine this will make business even more difficult than it is already. I guess only time will tell.

"We still have the customers, but the price rise of petrol is eating into our profits."

The cost is also being felt by the emergency services in the area.

Seaton fire station watch commander Robin Hammett said: "This isn't helping anyone with the current monetary conditions in the country. "We will have to pay more for our fuel and the overall cost to the fire brigade will go up.

"However, it won't impact on our service.

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