There is already a hero hidden within us

Scott Cheadle and the Toadpit Medical Services team

Scott Cheadle and the Toadpit Medical Services team - Credit: Scott Cheadle

Ottery St Mary Friends of Phyllis Baxter write for the Herald in collaboration with Scott Cheadle.

Phyllis Baxter dressed in red sat at her desk with a pen, book and other office equipment

Phyllis Baxter had a dream to write a book and launch a website about Ottery - Credit: Phyllis Baxter

How far are we willing to go to help others trapped in a life threatening situation?

How our emotions affect our decisions, reactions and courage when we are confronted with a situation we never experienced before?

The Ukrainian conflict has directly or indirectly touched us and we have frequently asked those questions ourselves.

At the same time we have seen so many acts of courage, support and selfishness probably never seen before.

All of us undoubtedly have followed the videos placed on Facebook by Scott Cheadle from Toadpit Medical Services Events Ltd and his team of volunteers who already after returning from their third trip, still had time to talk to us and share their experiences in this their outstanding humanitarian mission.

It is almost unavoidable not to notice the mixed emotions that run through Scott’s mind when he talks to us.

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His gratitude and recognition to all of those who have contributed to the project is evident.

He said: “I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who has donated, either through Just Giving or directly to us.

"The list is immense. What you lot do is just something else.

"You have put a lot of smiles and you make a great difference especially where it counts.

"Their gratitude of those you have helped is constantly shown, even using a mobile phone to translate when their English is not good.”

We couldn’t avoid asking about the lasting emotional effects of their mission.

Scott resumed it with the following words: “Very often during the long journeys we talked about what we had seen over there and tried to process it.

"It makes you feel every emotion you have, happiness, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, proudness of the people. I am in awe of the Ukrainian people.

"I really awe at their resolve of someone bigger than them. Some of the children we saw coming in the hospital, 30 or 40 a day, they seemed to crack on although they would get moved to other hospitals almost immediately.

"Some of those children are orphans as well. Some of the things we got told by one of the doctors with regard to the women and some of the female children are difficult to forget or ignore”

“When the idea of this mission started, we were simply trying to deliver some medical aid but also bring a bit of happiness to people who had come across the border and out of the war zone.

"Thanks to the generosity of so many who have supported us it has grown to something unimaginable to the point that, after doing 3 trips, we are sure we will have enough to justify a fourth one on May 9.

"We are again counting on your generosity and ask you to look at our FB page where we will be updating you with what will be needed.”

“None of this had been possible without the support of our team of volunteers: Rob McGovern, Rob Steward, Tamsin Philip, Geoff Brigden, Steve Lee, James Putland, Byron Woods, Lee Boardman, Tom, Tony & Peter and the generosity of the public.

"We also appreciate the concern expressed through social media about our safety but, as strange as it might sound, even at a moment when we were at Levi when we heard the air raid alarm in the warehouse, we and everybody involved got on with the job. The willingness to help takes over the fear.”

Undoubtedly Scott and his team and all those who have helped to make this mission possible have proven once again that people generosity and care can reach the furthers frontiers and that does not matter who is aimed at, limitations do not exist, when the willingness is there.

We would like to add our thanks to Scott’s team and make wishes for the safety and success of their future journeys.