PICTURES: Dramatic rescue of trapped horse

Rescued horse expected to make a full recovery.

Horseowners have praised the efforts of firefighters who helped free a horse stuck in the mud.

A specialist team from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene at Compass House in Combe Raleigh to rescue 25-year-old George the horse who had become stuck in clay mud.

His owner Rachel Reece had discovered George was missing after going to check on her horses and later found him stuck in a ditch.

Another horseowner, Vikki Sparks, who witnessed the event, said: “The fire and rescue service were truly amazing and called for their specialist operations team, who arrived within 20 minutes.

“Once there, the specially trained firefighters liaised with the owner and the vet to assess how George could be rescued. “After an hour of digging through wet, sticky mud, with George heavily sedated, they tried getting straps under him.”

She added: “The conduct of the fantastic firemen was truly amazing - the thought and care shown by all the team will stay in our hearts for ever.

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“The methodical way in which they dealt with a deeply traumatising experience for both George and his owners was exemplary.”

Firefighters then managed to get straps underneath George and haul him to safety.

On freeing the horse they discovered that his leg had become entangled in his rug when he had struggled to free himself.

George was given electrolytes to prevent any further complications from shock and within 10 minutes, although muddy and stiff, was back walking in the yard and enjoying plenty of food and treats.

He is expected to make a full recovery.

Vikki added: “The vet checked George over and he is fine and it look like he will make a full recovery.

“We are all truly thankful and blessed to have such a fantastic service, and we would all like to thank them from the depths of ours and George’s heart.”