Plan couldn’t be stopped

Very sorry to see the resignation of Sandra Semple, etc, as they, at least, tried to stand up to the might of Tesco.

Unfortunately, I think, it is quite obvious that they never stood a chance from the start.

Tesco would never have got past the ‘closed bid’ process and bought the land from Liatris in the first place - if they hadn’t been 100 per cent sure they were going to get all the required planning permissions.

We should have all sat up and taken notice. Alarm bells were ringing and none of us noticed.

They fought a good fight, but Seaton’s destruction was decided all that time ago and nothing would have stopped it.

EDDC have got their way. They will keep most of the visitors in Sidmouth.

Pity, anyone with a modicum of common sense should have been able to see that the two resorts are very different and could have been two successful holiday towns together, one for families and one for the older holidaymaker.

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Now they have just got Sidmouth and a dead place.


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