Plans for Axe Valley schools’ federation unveiled

New ways of organising schools are being developed to raise standards of education, says headteacher.

A MAJOR new initiative to share education resources between schools across the Axe Valley has been unveiled.

Governors at the Axe Valley Community College (TAVCC) have backed plans to discuss setting up a secondary – primary “learning federation”.

The scheme will be outlined to headteachers and governing bodies from primary schools across the Axe Valley Learning Community at a meeting next month.

College headteacher Martin Smith and a small group of governors have been authorised by the full governing body to lead the move to set up the “Axe Valley Learning Federation”.

Mr Smith explained: “School organisation is a key issue for all schools and colleges today. New ways of organising schools are being developed that potentially offer exciting, innovative approaches to raising standards of education.

“At the heart of this is the idea that schools working closely together can share their expertise and resources so that young people get the best possible experience.

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“The Axe Valley Community College is delighted to be able to play an active part in the development of new ideas in the learning community. We look forward to exploring with local primary schools possible models for a strong, dynamic primary-secondary partnership.”

Mr Smith told The Herald he was aware parents might have concerns this “very important” issue so he wanted to stress that their proposals would:

* Focus on educational issues and supporting learners across the Axe Valley Learning Community

* Promote a collaborative approach where primary and secondary issues are equally important.

* Aim to share expertise between primary and secondary staff.

* Provide flexibility so that primary schools can actively shape with TAVCC any future federation that is created

Mr Smith was also keen to reassure the community that:

We also want to re-assure members of the community of the following:

*Any primary-secondary federation would not affect parental choice with secondary schools.

* There is no presumption that a future leader for a federation would be from the secondary school. If a federation is created the governing body, which would represent all schools, would appoint the best person to lead the federation.

In the meantime updates on the proposal will be provided to parents and members of the community through college newsletters and its website. An information meeting will also be held on Monday November 21 in the main hall from 6pm to 7pm.