Plans unveiled for new Seaton youth centre

New committee is formed to drive ambitious project forward.

PLANS for a youth cenre in Seaton have been put forward to town councillors.

Local architect Ruta Kreivyte presented the project drawings at a capital projects and committee meeting on Wednesday, June 16.

The draft design is part of a Seaton Youth and Community (SYNC) project, and includes facilities for recording, making short films and for the return of a youth nightclub. It is expected to have quiet sections and a meeting place with an internet cafe, large sofas and a pool table.

Councillor Sophie O’Connell, newly-elected committee chairman and founder of Grove Zero, has called for youngsters to share their views on what they want in the town.

She said: “As part of the campaign, SYNC is looking to work with young people right from day one to get the facilities they want and where they want them. Working in SYNC with Seaton, SYNC aims to make 2010 the year for young people.

“As part of the project, SYNC is asking Seatonians, groups and experienced individuals to come forward, give their support and help form part of a special town-wide umbrella organisation to bring this project forward.”

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The current plans are to build the centre at the Underfleet play area, which is currently leased to the town council by East Devon District Council.

For more information, call Sophie on 07794496923 or email