Recycling group encourages town to crack down on waste

Plastic Free Axminster recycling guide features the post office

Plastic Free Axminster recycling guide features the post office - Credit: Plastic Free Axminster

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Plastic Free Axminster has compiled a list of local retailers who are acting as collection points for various streams of waste for recycling.
A spokesman for the group said: “As part of its aims and objectives, the group strives to keep up the focus on reducing plastic waste by recycling.  Some of the groups listed raise money for their causes or for charity, through the Terracycle recycling schemes. Plastic Free Axminster is grateful for the support of all the businesses listed.”
Axminster Baby Cafe @ Pippins Community Centre (NOT Tuesdays. Can be left in box in corridor) Baby food pouches; Oral care products – includes toothpaste tubes and pumps (please clean off excess paste around cap and tube nozzle), washed and dried toothbrushes, dental floss containers, electric toothbrushes (heads only).
Axminster Food Bank – Health & Wellbeing Centre, Chard Street: Brand new nappies surplus to your needs.
Axminster Guildhall – West Street: Low energy light bulbs
Axminster Medical Practice – Church Street: Used inhalers (bagged and can be put through letterbox)

Axminster Post Office – West Street: Used postage stamps
Axminster Printing Company – West Street: Printer ink cartridges; writing instruments – any type of pen, highlighter, Biro, roller ball, marker, felt tip etc + Typex mice

Bennett & Rogers – Trinity Square: Prescription glasses for recycling

Cloud Nine – Victoria Place
Mascara wands – just the brushes – washed and dried
Co-op – West Street: Carrier bags, magazine wrappers, bread wrappers (check bag), some inner cereal wrappers (check box), some frozen food bags + others (see Recyclenow website for a list)
Flamingo Pool – Lyme Road: Old mobiles / Selected ink cartridges
Ganesha Wholefoods – South Street: Water filters
Pippins Community Centre – Lyme Road: Plastic milk bottle tops (no other kind)
Tesco – Shand Park, West Street: As per Co-op above plus cling film, pet food pouches,
baby food pouches, crisp packets, salad bags, fruit and veg packaging

The Corner House Bakery – Lyme Road: Plastic milk bottle tops

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