Plea for council to reconsider jet ski decision

Fears for mackerel.

Would Councillor Daryl Turner and West Dorset district Council’s leisure and tourism manager, Nick Thornley, please reconsider their plans to allow jet skis in Lyme Regis?

Jet- kis would ruin the family nature of Lyme.

Not only would these self-indulgent people create noise and endanger swimmers, body-boarders and those using inflatables, they would also drive the mackerel - on which so much of Lyme’s tourism depends - further out and damage the business of those who have lived in Lyme all their lives and for whom mackerel fishing trips form a significant part of their livelihoods.

If readers would like to write to support the campaign to keep jet skis away from Lyme, they can email to

Jill Newton

Lyme Regis