Police continue to target speeding drivers

‘Speed checks aimed at educating drivers,’ say police in Seaton.

Police in Seaton will be continuing to target speeding drivers in the town.

Seaton’s Neighbourhood Beat Team says it will be carrying out further speed checks over the coming weeks.

A police spokesman said: “The main purpose of these speed check days are to educate and warn drivers who commit offences.”

Checks were carried out by officers on Friday, July 20, at various locations in the resort.

At Seaton Down Hill, 27 vehicles were found exceeding the 30mph limit, travelling between 31 to 35mph, and a further 14 vehicles were travelling over 36mph.

In Harepath Road one vehicle was to be travelling at between 46 and 50mph – exceeding the 40mph limit.

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Officers also found a number of vehicles flouting the speed limits along Axmouth Straight.

Three were travelling over 50mph, while eight were travelling between 41 to 45mph and one was travelling between 46 and 50mph.