Police hunt “moron” boy racer at Seaton

Pensioner spent four sleepless nights listeneing to noisy car racing around Tesco car park

AN angry pensioner has blasted a message to Seaton’s boy racers – if you want to make a noise join the tank regiment.

The advice comes from 76-year-old Peter Bengey after four sleepless nights spent listening to a “moron” revving his noisy car.

The retired electricity board worker from Bath and his wife Pamela – recently recovering from a hip operation – had hoped to spend a quiet few days in their holiday flat at Harbour Road.

But their much-needed break turned into a nightmare stay because of one persistent boy racer’s non-stop antics in the car park at the new Tesco supermarket.

Now they are asking nearby residents to help track down the culprit and want Tesco to study their CCTV footage to reveal his number plate.

Said Mr Bengey: “I came to stay in Seaton for a few days of peace this was spoiled by some moron going around the streets and Tesco car park from 11pm to 3am every night for four consecutive nights.

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“The exhaust pipes on the car were totally illegal but although I had some binoculars with me, unfortunately, I could not see his number.

“I am hoping some resident spotted the plate and will report him to the police so that on my next visit I can have some sleep.

“I think this individual mist have been a “Billy no mates” as he was on his own and no girl friend to impress.

“So my advice to the poor lad is - if you want to hear exhaust pipes join the tank regiment or the infantry and drive a warrior and give Seaton some peace!”

Seaton residents have identified anti social driving as their top priority for police action and officers have been targeting several areas of the town.

A police spokesman told The Herald: “We are aware of complaints about anti-social driving around Seaton, particularly in The Underfleet Car park and along Harbour Road. We have also liaised with management at Tesco about problems in their car park.

“The local Beat Team and the Special Constabulary are proactively monitoring the areas and will not hesitate to issue fixed penalty notices and Section 59 notices where appropriate - these are written warnings to drivers caught driving anti-socially and if they are caught anti-social driving again within 12 months their vehicle could be seized.

“If members of the public witness anti-social driving, they are encouraged to phone it through to the Police on 101 with details of time and place and, if possible, vehicle make, model, colour and number plate.”