Police in Lyme Regis arrest cold callers

TWO men have been arrested in Lyme Regis on suspicion of fraud.

TWO men have been arrested in Lyme Regis on suspicion of fraud.

Police were called to an address in Talbot Road at 12.30am on April 13. The men were reported to be carrying out work in a garden.

Pc Richard Winward is warning residents to be careful about cold callers.

He said:"At Lyme Regis police station locals can obtain a postcard to display in their window informing callers that they do not buy from doorstep sellers.

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"If anyone suspects that jobbing builders, gardeners or roofers are doing work for an elderly person, perhaps a neighbour, then please give the police an opportunity to check it out by calling us at the time.

"Please don't leave it to someone else to call. If it is all in order then we have lost nothing, but one call could save someone from being the victim of crime."

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Anyone with information can call police on (01305) 222 222.

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