Police investigate Colyton Parish Council

POLICE are investigating Colyton Parish Council following a tip-off from a councillor.

Computers were seized from council offices and have since been returned, according to minutes from a finance meeting in June – where chairman Cllr Andrew Parr is reported to have informed other councillors.

The May full council minutes reveal an alleged case of forgery is being looked into.

It is reported in the May minutes that Cllr Paul Arnott had made a statement to the police.

The minutes said Cllr Arnott had not wanted to answer a question by Cllr Graham Stephens.

The official record of the meeting said: “However, under pressure from individual councillors, Paul Arnott reluctantly stated that he had made a statement to the police.”

A police spokesman said: “We can confirm an investigation is taking place as a result of information passed to us by a councillor at Colyton Parish Council.”

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Cllr Arnott yesterday told the Midweek Herald the matter related to the election of the Colyton Chamber of Feoffees.

He said: “It was with the greatest reluctance that I signed a police statement and I believe it will be healthy for the integrity of Colyton life that the police be allowed to clear this matter up once and for all.”