Police reassure residents after country-wide unrest

Police in Devon say they have no reason to suspect there will be similar incidents of disorder following acts of unrest across the country.

Police in Devon say they have no reason to believe there will be major incidents in the region as major disruption broke out across the country.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary is currently monitoring intelligence around the disorder, which has occurred in other parts of the country, and is making preparations and plans in case of such incidents.

Chief Superintendent Steve Swani said: “It is only natural for communities across Devon and Cornwall to be concerned at a time when many are seeing large scale disorder in other parts of the country.

“I would reassure people that, at this stage, there is no intelligence to suggest any such activity here, but we will be ready to deal with and contain this should it occur.

“We are already talking to community and business leaders as well as local authorities and other partners to ensure everyone is aware of a developing picture and is not unduly worried by what they may be seeing in national media reports.

“We will also be placing as many police officers on patrol across the force as possible to further reassure our communities.”

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The force has also sent 25 officers to London to assist the Metropolitan Police, who are due to arrive in the capital early this afternoon (Tuesday).

On Monday night and early Tuesday morning the force also provided support to Avon and Somerset Police in Bristol as disruption broke out in the area.