Police seek drinks order to combat Lyme yobs

Officers want powers to stop troublemakers drinking in the seafront gardens and shelters

POLICE are seeking special powers to take alcohol away from troublemakers in Lyme’s seafront gardens and shelters – whatever their age.

They want a “designated public place order” (DPPO) imposed to help them combat anti-social behaviour.

The order would enable them to confiscate booze from people who are annoying the public - even if they are over 18.

Police stress it is not an alcohol ban in those areas – but it would make it an offence to carry on drinking there when instructed by a police officer or PCSO to stop.

Lyme Regis Town Council has said it will look into the possibility of seeking such an order.

In the meantime members of Lyme’s Police and Communities Together (PACT) panel have been hearing the results of latest anti crime initiatives in the town.

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The three priorities set at the last meeting were:

* Anti-social driving: offences dealt with included illegal number plates, no MOT, no insurance, driving with excess alcohol, obstruction and three Section 59 warnings for bad driving, which will result in police seizing the vehicle if they drive badly again within a year. One stop-check on rowdy males in a car resulted in the seizure of cannabis and an arrest.

* Underage drinking and litter in Langmoor and Lister Gardens and shelters: Regular foot patrols resulted in a reduction in litter and anti-social behaviour. A total of 63 unopened containers of alcohol seized, including whisky, vodka, lager, cider, and Smirnoff Ice. In addition, numerous opened containers had their contents poured away on the spot. Every young person found in possession of alcohol had a letter sent to parents, and their details recorded.

* Speeding in Anning Road and neighbouring roads: Several speed checks were carried out by the team, the vast majority of cars were found to be driving under the speed limit. Those that were over were only just so. Police would welcome registration numbers of speeders and times of day. One area specifically highlighted is Charmouth Road, between 7.30am and 8am.

The PACT panel has agreed to have an annual public meeting, at the end of the Summer. It was considered this, together with the annual town voters meeting, which takes place around March and April, would give local people plenty of opportunities to raise issues.