Police tackle rural crime

Police conduct a special operation over the weekend in response to a spate of rural crimes in the area.

Rural thieves were the focus of a special police operation conducted around rural areas of Axminster at the weekend.

A total of 13 special constables and a police constable took part in Operation Betony on Saturday night, which was in response to a recent spate of rural thefts.

As part of the operation, the team of officers stopped vehicles in the area to carry out routine checks and also discussed with the drivers and passengers how Devon and Cornwall Constabulary are responding to the issue.

Special Constable Piers Layburn, who led the operation, said: “This is the third Operation Betony that we have carried out and the second time that we have held it around Axminster.

“We will be continuing to carry out this operation on a regular basis throughout Mid and East Devon.

“In total, over 65 vehicles were stop checked on Saturday night with a positive response from everyone that we stopped.”

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