Police uncover hidden speed

Drug user found with 76.18g of amphetamines.

An Axminster drug user has been warned to stay out of trouble after he was found with a quantity of amphetamines.

Colin Alexander Lindsay, of Millwey Avenue, pleaded guilty to possessing the Class B drug, when he appeared at Central Devon Magistrates’ Court last Tuesday.

The court heard that on October 9 police were driving between Colyton and Wilmington when they spotted a vehicle stopped outside the entrance to the Sutton Barton Recycling Centre.

The vehicle had its boot up and a man, the defendant, was seen pacing up and down as if looking for something.

A search by police officers later found a bag of white powder, which was later confirmed to be amphetamines.

During a police interview, the 42-year-old stated that the drugs were not his and belonged to the people travelling in the car with him at the time but admitted to using drugs.

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He also said that, when the officers began to approach him, he threw the drugs under the car in an attempt to hide them after one of the passengers began to panic.

The court also heard that Lindsay was in breach of a conditional discharge he received a week earlier for previous drugs offences.

Stuart Nunn, defending, said: “He (Lindsay) has had problems of some significance with amphetamines for a period of time and has been addressing that problem. He has been clean of amphetamines for two-weeks and two days, which is an achievement, and I hope that it will be one to be built on.”

He added: “He was in possession of 76.18g but that was only two per cent pure, so its financial worth is very little.

“In real terms, it is not worth a lot of money but his actions demonstrate that he thought that he ought to hide them but, as it turns out, it was a lot less valuable than he thought.”

The chairman of the bench, Jonathan Jenkins, said: “We are not going to sentence you today.

“We need a report to give us further information based on the seriousness of the offending.

“In the meantime, you must co-operate with probation.

“We are encouraged by these reports and wish you well.”

Lindsay added: “I am trying my best - all I can do is come back in January and prove I am still doing it and give clean tests.”

The case has been adjourned until January 30, 2012, to allow for a report to be prepared by the probation service, before he is sentenced.

He has been remanded on unconditional bail.