Police will back new Honiton booze ban

POLICE in Honiton will back any attempt by East Devon District Council to ban alcohol from a trouble spot in the town.

A petition, calling for a booze ban, is being circulated by fed up residents living near the Davey Playing Field, more commonly known as The Bowling Green.

Former mayor Councillor Vivienne Ash raised the issue of alcohol-related problems at the site during Honiton Town Council’s June meeting, held on Monday night.

She told neighbourhood beat manager Pc Ian Atyeo that she had received telephone calls from residents who were concerned about alcohol problems at the playing field.

Councillor Ash said she believed a petition was due to be sent to East Devon District Council in a bid to ban alcohol consumption there.

“Police will support any application made by East Devon District Council for a no alcohol zone,” Pc Atyeo replied.

He said not all incidents at the playing field are being reported to police.

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Anticipating questions on the subject, he said checks had revealed nine reported incidents at the site in the past year. They had included a report of noisy youths in the vicinity and a male urinating against a hedge.

One another occasion, two children, one as young as 10, were reported for verbally abusing people playing bowls.

Broken glass and a girl screaming had also come to the attention of police.

Officers investigated a further report of adults having a party in the playing field, with a mini moped being ridden in the park.

Pc Atyeo admitted that some of the problems could be linked to a group of well-known troublemakers, who are currently being targeted by police under anti-social behaviour legislation.

Three of the gang were arrested last weekend.

One received an �80 fixed penalty, another received an adult caution and the third has been charged with a public order offence and is further alleged to have resisted arrest or obstructed a constable in the line of his or her duty.