Polling stations close - voters have had their say

It is now a waiting game to find out how the electorate voted in Honiton’s town poll over proposed community centre and council offices.

VOTES have been cast and polling stations are now closed in Honiton following today’s historic town poll.

For the first time in modern history, residents have been asked to vote yes or no to a question posed by six electors.

A large show of hands at a public meeting dictated the poll had to take place.

It has all been about Honiton Town Council’s decision to procede with controversial plans to build a community centre and first floor council offices on a site off Dowell Street. A shortfall in funding means the council needs to borrow just under �1 million to build the centre, adding �9 per houseold per year to the parish precept - introduced over two years.

How did people vote? We will have to wait to find out.

There were fears that the turnout at polling stations would be dismally low. However, from feedback received so far, it would appear that hundreds made the effort to have their say.

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A good number of people attending tonight’s Honiton History Society meeting, featuring author Todd Gray as guest speaker, told the Herald they had cast their votes.

Results will appear on this website as soon as they are known.