Compensation to given to Clyst St Mary residents affected by sewage

Clyst St Mary loos

The temporary solution given to residents without functioning toilets - Credit: LDRS

East Devon residents offered portable loos after being left without functioning toilets will be given a discount by South West Water.

Clyst St Mary has been flooded with sewage 11 times this year with some residents left unable to use toilets for as long as 60 hours at a time due to South West Water’s failing sewage system. 

The solution offered by the company was portable loos for the worst affected homes

Following a campaign by local councillors and East Devon’s MP, it has promised residents impacted by sewage problems a payment equivalent to 25 per cent of their annual sewage charges.

In a statement, South West Water said “We have also identified one property who experienced external flooding and we’ve also arranged for 50 per cent of their annual sewerage charge to be refunded in line with our customer promise.”

East Devon MP Simon Jupp has asked South West Water to provide an average payment figure for compensation per household affected. Using South West Water’s own example for sewage bills for a family of four, the 25 per cent discount would result in a saving of just over £154.

Responding to the news, Mr Jupp said: “It is totally unacceptable to leave people without proper toilet facilities in 2021" South West Water have now agreed to offer compensation to those homes affected

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“It is the least they can do in the circumstances and I’ll continue to closely monitor progress to install new piping for properties and increasing the capacity at nearby pumping stations. We pay the highest water bills in the country, we deserve investment to improve water quality and services.”

East Devon District councillor for Clyst Valley Mike Howe says the state of the company’s sewage system was “hard to believe in a modern society…If it was the 1800s you’d sort of understand it. I struggle to understand it in this day and age.” 

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