Pot hole saga continues on approach to Lace Walk

Honiton residents want local authorities to work together to stop roads ending up like patchwork quilts.

TERRITORIAL complexities of tiered local government have left the approach to Honiton’s largest car park still riddled with potholes - and local residents are demanding a closer working partnership between councils.

East Devon District Council has filled craters, caused by the exceptionally harsh winter, just off Dowell Street into Lace Walk.

It says there is more work to be done, but that the repairs won’t be carried out until later in the year - and that some of them may be the responsibility of Devon County Council.

A smooth layer of fresh Tarmac now awaits motorists - but they first have to drive over a crumbling road surface and a ridge to get to it.

Residents in Dowell Street say they are frustrated by the lack of partnership work and claim East Devon District Council and Devon County Council should have worked together to complete the repairs in one go.

A spokesman for East Devon District Council said: “Some repairs have been carried out by EDDC on land that we are responsible for.

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“Some additional repairs are planned by us later this year.

“Devon County Council may need to repair any potholes on the section of highway that they look after.”

A resident, who did not wish to be named, told The Midweek Herald that he fears some of the work may never be carried out.

“I am told that part of the road is considered no man’s land, with no local authority claiming responsibility for it.

“I don’t see why all the repairs couldn’t be carried out in one go.”