Praise for binmen

They have been working long hours since the thaw set in.

Now that the recent snow has melted and we have reverted to the now traditional English winter “rainy season”, I think it is time to recognise the efforts of the people who provide services we usually take for granted and who operated in exceptionally difficult circumstances to make sure our post was delivered and essentials such as deliveries of heating oil were maintained whenever possible.

I would, however, in addition particularly like to sing the praises of the waste disposal people who have, since the thaw, been putting in exceptionally long and anti-social hours to clear the backlog of rubbish and recycling that had built up and this task is now complete.

We are extraordinarily fortunate to have such a dedicated bunch of people working on our behalf, in particular when you seen reports and pictures of the nightmare situation in places like Exeter and Birmingham where this has not been the case. Good on you!

Phil Twiss