Praying is not unlawful

But people shouldn’t be forced to pray.

You may have heard about a judge ruling last week about prayers at town council meetings and then heard, or read news reports, saying “Christianity is under attack”.

Contrary to such reports, however, praying is not unlawful, even before council meetings. The judge simply said no-one should be forced to pray nor should it be a part of the formal agenda.

That seems like common sense to me – no one should be forced to pray and no thinking Christian would ever want anybody to be made to pray.

Prayer is an essential part of the life of faith, a wonderful way of talking and listening to our loving God. Christians pray because it is our lifeblood, sustaining and uplifting us, opening us to God and making us more than what we can be alone. Others are welcome to join in, but as a joy and privilege, not a demand.

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